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FIVE SEASONS – Tours in Italy and other parts of Europe
Five Seasons offers a wide selection of group tours, mostly to Italy, but also to several other European countries. The tours are guaranteed by the Italian Travel Guarantee Fund (equivalent to the British ABTA, www.abta.com, as required under European law).

Many years of experience and knowledgeable tour managers
With an in-depth knowledge of the destinations and a longstanding partnership with hotels and suppliers we have organized a variety of tours, which is a little out of the ordinary. The organizing happens in cooperation with our highly skilled and trained tour managers. They very often reside at the destinations and they are mostly locally qualified tour guides. 

Group Travel and Exclusive Travel
Our Group Travels offers a wide selection of experiences at very reasonable prices. It is tours for you, who want to experience a lot, but is less interested in luxury hotels.  

Our Exclusive Travels weights content, comfort and high quality. The tours offer exciting, different and often unique experiences. They are tours for the discerning and quality conscious traveler, who want the maximum benefits without having to focus on price.

Choose how you want to get to the destination
Today the selection of flights is almost infinitely large and often a tour operator will have to pay more for a flight ticket than the price, you can find on the internet. By ordering your flight yourself you get a better price and you are able to plan the best route from your hometown to the destination. You also have the opportunity of extending your stay at the destination after the tour. In the itinerary for each tour is is clearly stated, when and where it begins and ends. 

Great experiences, very reasonable prices
Our Group Travels have been planned to focus on great experiences at very reasonable prices. The trips always have a good quality and they are very comfortable, when it comes to the hotel standard and central locations. Our tour guides have a very high level of knowledge and provide excellent service.

Our Group Travels go ahead with a minimum of 20 participants. Often we will use transport by train instead of by coach on the excursions, which enables us to offer the trips at the most reasonable price possible. Most journeys include a day off in the itinerary, but often there is also an optional excursion available as an alternative on this day. 

A wide selection of travel
Italy and most other European countries have an almost unlimited selection of exciting experiences to offer the curious traveller. During many years of being tour managers and tour operators we have had a personal experience of this variety.

With these exclusive trips we want to give our guests the opportunity to encounter some of the often unique experiences, which we ourselves have enjoyed.

Unique experiences
The focus of our exclusive travel is unique experiences. This kind of trips are only made possible thanks to a wide network of contacts on the destinations. Our trips are also unique, because they only happen once every year.

Small groups
The number of participants on exclusive travel will vary between a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 24 people. This enables us to get group advantages, which are not obtainable for the individual traveller. However thanks to the limited group size our guests will still be able to maintain the sense of freedom and individuality.

The duration of the trips vary between 4 and 12 days. We don’t want to spend a week on a destination, if it is not needed. If a destination can be experienced in 6 days, our philosophy is to then make it in 6 days. If there is sufficient content for 9 days, then the duration of the trip will be 9 days.

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