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Five Seasons, Via Palestro 14, 37011 Bardolino (VR) 
Lic. No 4062/03 

Navale Ass. S.p.A., Via Pascoli 31/1c 37010 Affi (VR)
Policy no. 4169793/S.

Five Seasons is an Italian Travel Agency. The tours are guaranteed by the Italian Travel Guarantee Fund (equivalent to the British ABTA, www.abta.com, as required under European law).

Insurance – To make sure that Five Seasons always will be able to fulfill its obligations towards our customers, we have a special insurance policy for tour operators with Navale Ass. S.p.A., Via Pascoli 31/1c 37010 Affi (VR), policy no. 4169793/S.

About us  - All employees with Five Seasons are Scandinavians, mostly Danish. We all have many years of experience within the travel, tourism and air travel industry.
All our employees regard the travel industry not only as a job, but very much also as a hobby. We love to travel and gain high quality experiences of locally sourced foods and drinks, which is reflected in the content of our tours.

Is it safe to travel with Five Seasons? - It is very safe to travel with Five Seasons. Our tours take place in politically stable countries, we are covered by the Italian Travel Guarantee and we have extra special insurance in Italy to cover unforeseen eventualities.
During the tours we employ qualified and professional tour managers and tourist guides, who from long experience know how to handle challenging situations. On our active tours, like walking or hiking, there is always a licensed alpine guide/nature guide or a licensed instructor with the group.
On cookery courses Five Seasons has checked the insurances of the operator.
Five Seasons offers an emergency phone number, which is active 24 hours during the tours.


Booking tours – You may book directly on this website or via email to booking@five-seasons.info. After receiving your request we will email a confirmation of your booking within 48 hours.

Will all tours go ahead? - It is our goal that all tours go ahead as planned. To ensure that as many tours as possible are carried out, we have chosen to have the tours guaranteed by smaller minimum numbers of people than most other tour operators.
However in some cases a tour can be cancelled, when the number of participants is significant lower than the minimum number required to go ahead. Five Seasons has an obligation to inform guests of a cancellation at least 8 weeks before the planned start of the tour.
If a tour is cancelled, we will always attempt to offer a similar tour as a replacement.

How do flights work? - We sell our tours without including flights in the package. Part of the reason for this is that you individually will be able to find far cheaper flights on the internet than the airlines offer to tour operators. Part of the reason is also that individually planned flights offer the freedom to for example stay longer at the destination and the freedom to depart from wherever you want.
We recommend that our guests wait to book their flights until they have received a written confirmation of the tour going ahead from Five Seasons. This may lead to a small increase in the price of the flights, but this way you will not risk having bought flights for a cancelled tour.


How do I pay? - Payment is according to our terms and conditions and with transfer to our bank account in Euro.


What is a Five Seasons hotel? - We cooperate with very special hotels and no hotels are selected for being especially cheap. Staying in a hotel is an important part of the holiday experience, which is why the standard, service, location or history of the hotels has been the crucial factor for selecting them. Often our hotels are some of the best hotels in Europe and in other cases the hotels are hidden treasures, which we have discovered during our many travels. Our hotels range from 5-star luxury hotels to the simple mountain cabin with dormitories, depending on the requirements of the tour.

Can I request special arrangements in the hotel? - Yes. These requests should be made clear at the time of booking. We will do our utmost to fulfill any reasonable request, but there are no guarantees for requests being fulfilled.
Please note that very few European hotels have smoking rooms and there is a non-smoking policy in all public indoor areas of the hotels.

Can I request a special room in the hotel? - Normally our hotel rooms are standard category, which means that we rarely are offered better category rooms in the hotels. Please note that the hotels often on their websites have photos of the best category rooms, which does not always reflect the standard room category included in our tours.
If you wish to have a better standard room, sea view, balcony, Junior-Suite etc., we are sometimes able to assist with these requests through our Italian associate company. This will incur a higher price as well as a booking fee of €15 per room and hotel. Please refer to the websites of the hotels for a complete description of non-standard category rooms. Please note that it may require extra time to have better standard rooms confirmed in the hotels.

Do the hotel facilities come at an extra cost? - This varies a great deal from hotel to hotel. Generally the hotel facilities are included in the price, however massage in health centers or use of tennis courts are examples of facilities, which is booked and paid directly with the hotel.
Some hotels charge extra payment for air condition and safe.

Is air condition and swimming pool always available? - In most hotels the air condition is always on, but in some hotels it depends on the temperature. Please note that air condition is very expensive, not environmentally friendly and is not meant to turn the hotel room into a fridge. The purpose of air condition is a pleasant temperature for a healthy and good night sleep.
Swimming pools in the hotels are normally available during the day and in the warm period of the year, as decided by the hotel.


How is the breakfast in the hotels?
Our hotels generally serve up a continental or an English breakfast buffet, which means coffee/tea, bread, jam, muesli, cornflakes, ham, cheese and usually fresh fruit and egg. English breakfast also includes warm dishes like egg and bacon. We know that the breakfast meal is important to our guests and we have chosen accordingly.

How are the included meals?
All meals, dinners, lunches included in the tours have been chosen with guidance from the heart and the palet. No meals have been included just for the sake of it. We love good food and good wine, which has been a major inspiration for the design of our tours.
The meals range in quality from lovely to wonderful.
Sometimes the description is ”light lunch”, which just means that the meal is not a traditional 3-course lunch, but maybe hams, cheeses and the like on a vineyard.
Sometimes we include meals in the hotels, but it is never half-board. If meals are included, the menus are especially prepared for Five Seasons Aps. We are practically allergic to insignificant hotel food.
There are ALWAYS drinks included with ALL our meals! Usually wine and mineral water.
Some places there is an agreed amount of wine included, other places it is wine ad libitum within reason for the duration of the meal (no more after the desert has been served).

What if I am vegetarian or have an allergy to certain food?

Five Seasons only use professional restaurants and will always be able to offer alternative menus. However we will not always be able to guarantee exactly the same standard as the included menu.
To be able to offer as good alternative menus as possible, we ask you to tell us about vegans, vegetarians or possible allergies when booking the tour and check that this information has been added to your travel documents.

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