No other country in the world has such a variety of cultural offers like Italy. The history from the Etruscans to modern Italy has resulted in an amazing number of ruins, palaces, castles and churches. However Italy does more than tempt with cultural experiences. The scenic experiences – the Alps in the north, the beautiful lakes, the lovely coastlines and the hilly landscapes in Piedmont, Tuscany and Umbria to name but a few – are also treasured by the many visitors to the country.
The Italian cuisine is one of the most universally popular with its tasty simplicity.
Our tours offers a wide variety of unique experiences in this fantastic country – golf in Piedmont, hiking in the Alps, outdoor opera performances under the Italian summer sky, boat trips along the coastline and visits to the many cultural cities.
On all our tours in Italy the gastronomy experiences is an essential part of the content. We will feast on the local and regional cuisines and on some tours we even have lessons in how to cook these dishes.

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