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You can book a tour by either calling or writing (letter or email) Five Seasons. Five Seasons’ phone number is +39 335 802 1711.
It is preferable to book the tours at least 90 days before departure. Booking is binding for the customer and Five Seasons, when the deposit has been paid on time and when Five Seasons has confirmed the booking in writing. By paying the deposit the customer confirms to accept the written terms and conditions of Five Seasons as well as the conditions on the website of Five Seasons, including the following travel conditions. 

Deposit and payment
When booking, the customer is obliged to pay a deposit for the tour to Five Seasons. The deposit is € 250 per travelling person for tours at a cost of  € 800 or less and € 350 per travelling person for tours at a cost of  more than € 800. The deposit is to be received by Five Seasons no later than 10 days after Five Seasons in writing has confirmed the booking of the customer. 
The full price of the tour must be received by Five Seasons no later than 90 days before the start of the tour.
At later booking the payment date must be agreed directly with one of the Five Seasons travel consultants.
If payment is made later than the above mentioned times of payment, Five Seasons has the right to cancel the booking of the customer without warning.
After the deposit has been paid into the bank account of Five Seasons, a certificate of Participation with a payment date for the balance as well as time and place for the start and end to the tour is posted or emailed to the customer. Final confirmation is sent to the customer, when Five Seasons has received the balance for the tour.

Payment of the deposit and the balance is to be paid into the following account of Five Seasons in Italy:

Account: Five Seasons
IBAN: IT85V 02008 59460 0000 4001 6874

Special requests from the customer
Special agreements, based on special requests from the customer, are only valid, if they figure on the certificate of Participation or if they can be documented in any other way (email or letter).
Five Seasons and the customer may agree terms, which differ from the general travel conditions, for example the binding booking of the customer, payments of deposits and balance, provided the customer has been clearly informed about the deviation before the agreement is made. Special agreements between the customer and Five Seasons, which deviates from the general travel conditions, are valid to the extent that these agreements can be clearly documented (by email or letter). 

Passport and visa
Five Seasons´ conditions are valid for travellers with a Danish, British or Norwegian passport. If a traveller does not have one of these passports, Five Seasons has to be notified at time of booking so that Five Seasons can advise the customer and refer the customer to contact the relevant embassy to enquire about the required formalities.
If the customer omits to inform Five Seasons about issues of this type at the time of booking, Five Seasons has no responsibility for the consequences, which possible missing travel documents might have for the customer and no claims can thus be made against Five Seasons. This lack of responsibility also applies, if the customer has informed Five Seasons about such issues and Five Seasons has advised the traveller to find the necessary information about formalities needed for the tour to take place.
When booking, remember to state the names of the travellers exactly as stated in the passports. The customer carries the full responsibility for the correct match of names in passports and travel documents. If there is any discrepancy between names in passport and travel documents, Five Seasons can cancel the tour of the customer without any responsibility. The cancellation is to be seen as a cancellation by the customer, which incurs cancellation fees.  

Lost property
CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN LUGGAGE! Every customer is advised to take out a travel insurance that covers lost, stolen or damaged baggage, personal effects or travel documents. 

Cancellation/Amendment of the trip
The customer can cancel the trip until 90 days before the departure day, however thereby incurring loss of the non-refundable deposit. The cancellation is valid from when Five Seasons receives the written cancellation from the customer. If the trip is cancelled 90 to 30 days before the departure day, 50% of the total price of the trip is lost along with possible fees payable by Five Seasons to suppliers. If the trip is cancelled 30 to 14 days before the departure day, 70% of the total price of the trip is lost. If the trip is cancelled less than 14 days before the departure day, the total amount is lost and the customer cannot claim any compensation. Five Seasons recommend that the customer arranges travel insurance, which covers trip cancellation due to illness/death for the traveller or close family. 

Cancellation/amendment by Five Seasons
Five Seasons has the right to – without any responsibility – cancel or interrupt the trip in the case of threatening Force Majeure (including for example, but not limited to, war, natural disasters, lethal contagious deceases or other similar events). In the case of Force Majeure the total price of the trip is refunded and the customer has no claims to any further compensation.
Five Seasons has the right to cancel a trip at least 8 weeks before the departure day in the case of significant low numbers of participants. In this case the total price of the trip is refunded and the customer has no claims to any further compensation.
The prices are based on the current tariffs and exchange rates. According to the legislation the tour operator can raise the agreed price due to rising costs on transport (including fuel prices), changed taxes, duties, fees, changed exchange rates etc. Possible increase in prices has to be announced no later than 20 days before the departure day of the trip.
Five Seasons has no responsibility for lost expenses for flights booked by the customer before the customer has received the final confirmation from Five Seasons that the trip goes ahead. 

Travel Insurance
All travellers must be duly insured. Five Seasons strongly recommend that you arrange for a travel insurance with your own insurance company which cover trip cancellation, medical expenses including medical emergency and hospital care and possible medical transport back home as well as lost, stolen or damaged baggage as well as any other possible expenses incurred while travelling. 

The duties of the customer
The customer has a duty to check that the travel documents received from Five Seasons are in agreement with the booking. If this is not the case the customer has a duty to inform Five Seasons of any discrepancies. The customer has a duty to arrange for a valid passport, possible visa and vaccinations. The customer has a duty to be on time according to the meeting times in the itinerary and respect the rules of hotels and transport suppliers. It is to be expected that the customer behaves in a way that other travellers, companies that Five Seasons cooperate with and employees with Five Seasons do not feel intimidated by. In very serious cases of misbehaviour Five Seasons has the right to exclude a participant from onwards participation in the trip.
If any problems occur during the trip, the customer must immediately inform the tour manager of Five Seasons, so that possible faults or shortcomings can be corrected. If the customer omits to inform the tour manager of a problem, Five Seasons will usually not accept responsibility for faults or shortcomings.
People with severe mental problems, severe heart disorders and alcohol problems should not participate in a group travel. Wheelchair users and walking-impaired people are not recommended to travel with Five Seasons as many of the trips involves walks, cities in Southern Europe often have steep hills and the coaches can rarely drop off right in the centre.
Five Seasons recommend that you bring all necessary medicine along with the original pack as well as any needed information from your doctor. Important medication should be brought in your hand luggage during your flights. 

Complaints and financial protection
Complaints regarding shortcomings on the trip should immediately be brought to the attention of the representative of Five Seasons, so that Five Seasons can attempt to correct the problem. Complaints about issues, which could not be solved on the spot, should be made in writing and received by Five Seasons within a reasonably short time after the trip has ended. The trips are covered by the The ItalianTravel Guarantee Fund (equivalent to ATOL protection, which basically means that your money is safe). Public liability insurance with the Italian Navale Assicurazioni S.p.A., Via Pascoli 31/1c 37010 Affi (VR), Italia, policy no. 4169793/S. 

Pets cannot be brought on the trips of Five Seasons. If a customer behaves irresponsibly and to the inconvenience of others, Five Seasons can refuse the customer to continue the trip with the group, and it is the responsibility of the customer to organise and pay for any further individual transport needed. 

Applicable Law/venue
Any claim, which springs from the agreement of the customer Five Seasons, must be decided according to the Italian law. Complaints, which cannot be decided by agreement, must be decided at the court of law in Verona. 

Errors & omissions excepted.

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